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In the process of building a new Barn’age (garage/barn/grow room) during COVID, what a pain, and Pop needs his medication or Lolli gets grumpy. I’m in the second floor of a unheateted, uninsuulated, 24’x24’ gambrel shell, in Zone 3a.

Can’t get the electrician here until February, everything booked solid, can’t spray foam until the wiring is done. Well I could but , I’ll take the time and Do It Right the First Time (DIRFT)! That’s how I roll, or try to anyway…

So with a pound  of outdoor Kush in the Cannatrols Cool Cure running in humidor mode, to buffer me through the long dark, I borrowed a gorilla 4×8 and ran some extension cords across the yard to in the second floor and insulated the shi!t out of the sides and top. Instead of adding supplemental heat I stuffed in (2) HLG 550 R’s and two HLG 320XL kits, and everything was great until I noticed water under Lolli’s car which hadn’t moved in 3months.  Long story shorter, I didn’t insulate at all underneath, and went warm moist air meets cold dry air, bad juju!

So in the scrabble to remediate and rebuild, I had some leftover 4×8 sheets of advantex sheathing, to the “bottom” I screwed on three furniture moving dollies to raise the tent up off the floor, and provid move-ability, and air circulation underneath. To the top of the now “dolly”, I laid down a 3” thick 4×8 sheet of rigid insulation. Then simply set the tent right on top of the insulated dolly.

Once the tent was set up on the floor, and then lifted into place on top of the dolly (vice trying to build it up there, thanks for that idea, Lolli!) I dropped in another 3” sheet of 4×8 slightly trimmed to fit , in the bottom of the tent, under my (2) 4’x4’ flood trays.

Only lost 3” of height inside, but gained 6” of insulation, move ability, air flow to protect our new upstairs floor, and a very pleasant surprise of having some toe space to stand closer and help reach into the tent. Like the toe kick under your kitchen counter, you don’t realize it’s there, but go ahead and take it away and see how it destroys your ergonomics.

Trying to figure out how to post pictures, but I’ve a Vet with a TBI, so give me a minute on that to learn how to use this message board… But the Brothers, Sisters and Others I’ve shared this with all thought it was brilliant, and I’m rather chuffed myself, though my Amish friends would admonish me for being prideful.

And the obligatory nugget shot, my Care Bears Auto Fem from Fire Budz, almost ready for the chop and cure…

When you don’t insulate underneath your tent.