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I moved into a new building in March, but my landlord left out the part about the hillbilly growers downstairs. They claim that they are commercial cultivators either way. When I built My grow rooms I spent really good money on insulation mini-splits and electrical. I’ve been growing for eight years and usually people come to me with questions when they have issues. And a lot of the times I have the solution for their problems and mine but this time I did not know what was going on. It look like they was having heat stress but it didn’t make sense because my room was not over 87 and 87 is not Ridiculous for led So I finally gave up and went one night It was so hot in the downstairs grow shop they had to have the doors open. I put my head inside and realize that they had window AC units inside of their building blowing all of their heat into the lobby room and I’m the floor above. When I approached him about the situation he realized I was running my room in day time but they are running their grow rooms at night, so my room never got a chance to cool down. It was 85-87F but it 85-87F at night time so they was blown up heat in my Shop and it was so hot my ACs couldn’t handle it. Every time I would go and check my rooms in the hottest point of the day it was under control at 82 eventually when I went at night I found out it was 87 I invested a lot of money in LED lights to be as efficient as possible only to find out people are blowing heat up into my building that is unnecessary to me making it extremely inefficient by the way I lost two crops that would’ve produced me 20 pounds instead I produced five pounds.