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Hello DGC,

Frist I want to thank you guys lol. I’m a new grower looking to find relief from a spine injury caused by what should have been a simple surgery that left me unable to walk for years. I have progressed and am able to walk once again it took almost 2 years and Scotty you are right I can always be worse! I have spent a decade rehabilitating and following pain management doctors and I can no longer take there pain meds as I’m not sure what’s worse the side effects of all the meds or the nerve pain I suffer from. I am off all pain meds and found that a little flower helps. I listen at night when I’m trying to pass time and keep my mind off the pain. You guys make me laugh! So I will try to keep my grow question short I’m stumped… I’m growing 4 girls of sour diesel there at 35 days from germination and growing ok they are in 7 gal pots. I used fox farm ocean forest and perlite 4 to 1 ratio the soil seems to be way to hot which seems odd to me. When I tried to use nutrients GH trio with a low dose of silica  I’m getting nutrient burn first dose was a ppm of 430 which burned the tips so I cut it in half at 215ppm still got burn? So I tested the runoff of just the soil and it’s at 2250! Yikes I haven’t even used any nutes other than the two doses I mentioned? I have been just using plain water until I can figure this out. Have you ever heard of this how can FF Oceans be so hot it’s just soil off the shelf so to speak. It makes it hard as I’m sure the later I get in my grow the soil will change and not sure how to manage there nutrition.  Interested in getting your thoughts as what I should do to ensure my grow progresses into flower and the plants get the right nutes. Is this strain that sensitive or is the soil a mess. Thanks any help would be appreciated. Scotty for president that was funny as hell! I’ll be sure to reach out in the future and will share what I’m sure is on of the most interesting grow rooms you ever heard of. I have spent my life in construction before my injury and used that skill to build a truly unique underground grow room in land of prohibition. You all rock keep it up I really enjoy the content!