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I don’t live in the best state and have purchased seeds from the UK from two well known places and have never had a plant that while growing ever really smelled dank or even just marijuana. No real smell at all. 2+ yrs, no terps. My plants are healthy nowadays since I keep learning. I’ve never had issues with pm or bugs ,just gnats that get squelched with mosquito bits in the soil and fly paper.

Currently I grow organic indoors in tents with cmh, Stonington soil, Be1, top dressings, 2 teas in flower, and build a bloom. My plants are healthy and pray at least half of the time. I do a good job maintaining vpd I think with Push Sensor.

I run 4000k cmh in veg for about 1.5 months until they are 3 ft or so from the bottom of the pot. I lst and prune. It’s a 4×4 tent with a 4 in carbon filter inside and a rotating fan that never stops. 83° / 68% days

In bloom it’s 3100k cmh in a larger tent that houses ac unit, dehum , and 6 inch carbon filter all inside the tent for 3 – 6 plants (5×5 target) 81°/ 55% days then around 77° / 45% to finish bloom. This tent also has a small rotating fan on the floor that I’ve always had on. one grow I would have the fan blow on them gently and rotating, next grow not rotating and just blowing beside them, now I have it blowing level on the bottom of the tent and I’m turning it off at night while my filter still pulls air through the tent.

I have used the same carbon filter for 2 years running at medium power and never smell anything.

I use bloom 2.5 gal and 5 gals pots but rarely water from the bottom.

Some Jorge’s diamonds I finished smells like caramel a little but it’s very light and not really a Weed smell.

I do dry at 60/60 for about 10 days ( no wet trim) until it jars around 70 % then burping but… No dank which is the whole point for me. All this is for me but I’m never close to happy.

I harvest usually late ( week 10,11, or 12) while scoping the trichs. I do think even after curing that there’s a lot of clear heads. It’s like they don’t get the signal to finish or something about the environment makes them not put out smells. I expect smells at week 6 or so. I do give them little shakes to gently rough them up a couple of times early in flower.

I currently think it’s either bunk genetics (says the noob), my air movement/filtering, or I don’t know what. I just started some deadpan head seeds to address the first concern.

I would imagine if I just left the tent open and turned off my filter it would make a smell in my house but.. that can’t be the norm.

All this time and money,  but no dank. It still gets u high but 😭😭😭