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What’s up in DGC land everyone ? I hope everyone’s grows are going well also! fellow Canuck here DUDE but from the birth place of the poutine. just wanted to show off my pride and joy , her name is Grease Berry , she is the product of a newbie mishap turned into a mission of curiosity! newbie mishap : first grows years ago and not knowing what male flowers looked like until too late , in that grow there was a cut of  grease monkey (female) purple haze from seed(female)  and “regular “seed white berry  and well one of the white berry seeds was the male, long story short after selecting the top notch of each i came up with these : first is purple haze x grease berry. second pic grease berry in her finest (literally smells like juicy fruit gum and spices) both are on day 43 of flower under spider farmer sf1000 (100w). grown in my super soil recipe , RECHARGE and non ph’d all natural spring water straight from the ground… that’s it !
cheers y’all ✌️