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Summer gardening is upon us Dudes, Duds and Studs. Lots of stuff to drag around.  Don’t lose your shit trying to find your shit at a moments notice. Most piece of crap chairs have a metal on them. People are throwing out speakers all the time. I never missed the chance to snag a magnet. I keep one of these in every workspace of my life. Little tiny speakers are fantastic four pins and needles! This one is just stuck to the actual chair. Sometimes I leave the metal on and use it as Mounting bracket on wood or drywall services. I also like to have a bucket of ozonator water or you could use plain old water or even some with some dish soap…  I try to get all my dead quarantined as quick as possible. Not that many bugs enjoy a good underwater experience. But anyhow don’t waste your speaker magnets! They are such a treasure and expensive to purchase. I can toss my razor blade at it and it catches it for me. Anyhow don’t lose your shit! U2 can have a magnetic personality in the eyes of your tools.