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Hey guys and gals. Although this question isn’t directly about my cannabis grow, it will effect it in the long run. So, I started a worm bin about a month or so ago. The first couple weeks had no worms, just put some bedding with food scraps and topped with compost in hope that the microbes would do their magic and break down the food so it would be ready for the worms immediately. About 2 weeks I added the worms. They seem to be alive still (I’m new to all this so I just phone around until I see a bunch of worms wiggling around). The day after adding the worms I found some pill bugs (rolly pollys) in there. I know they’re all good so I wasn’t worried. But today I went to add some food and noticed a bunch of little bugs running around on these logs I put in my bin at the beginning. I found some dead tree branches out in the woods. They had some nice mycelium growing on them so I figured, fuck it, its must be full of microbial life. They didnt look to have bugs but they coulda just been living inside too. Either way, I remember watching a dudegrows episode about ipm where scotty mentioned that fast moving bugs are generally beneficial and slow moving are generally pests. These little buggers are definitely quick. I’ve been looking at beneficial mites and these look pretty close to what I’m finding. Just wanted to get an experience opinion before I start throwing bug infested castings into my garden. The video is pretty cool too. Hope y’all enjoy it as much as i do. lol