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Hi Scotty, Dude, and Guru,

Thanks so much for answering my question on the show, I wasn’t expecting it. Thanks to Jmystro, RASUFA, JustCoolin for also trying to help me with their knowledge. Thanks to all the other members on the team that make the show happened. You guys made my day! I think Guru may have nailed it on the head.

Yes, my plants are being covered close to sunset, approximately 30 minutes before, so they are probably receiving far red light just before I cover them. I knew that was happening, but I had no idea it could accelerate the maturity of the trichomes. I’m going to run a test in my next grow, instead of covering the plants 30 minutes before sunset I’m gonna do it 1 hour before sunset. That will probably confirm Gurus suspicion and make the plants flower a bit longer. I didn’t say it on my first message, I have grow lights and a timer on 12/12 inside my greenhouse, so the only thing I have to remember is to cover the greenhouse before lights off. The next morning I can uncover them at any time, because the lights will turn on automatically. I owe you guys for this one, hope one day I can return the favour.

Much respect!