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Hey fellas! Michigan boy back on the saddle after a 20year hiatus… Last time I grew it was a straight gorilla grow out in the woods when I was a teenager. This is my first grow I have the ability to spend the time necessary and be fully available to the plants needs as they arise without looking over my shoulder. (Still do though some habits die hard 😅) So on to the question.. I’ve got these punch holes in my leaves and have heard a lot of different opinions from caterpillars, grasshoppers and Japanese beetles. Took a night patrol and found a earwig near one of my knuckles but that is all I have seen. Did some research some say nay to earwigs other see absolutely they’ll chomp on plants. Any feedback on earwigs in particular as a threat or help on an ID to who the culprit is chomping on my ladies?!?! I stripped my damaged leave tonight and treated with Dr. Zymes have been using Mammoth Cannacontrol exclusively up to this point for IPM. Running 4 Super Boof, 1 zkittlez and 1 Bruce banger! Top dressed with roots organics terp tea grow and have been making teas with the terp tea grow plus recharge, Fish Sh*t, worm castings and epsom salt with white Dutch clover as a cover crop.
Thanks for all you guys do, I have been blowing through the episodes while I spend hours daily driving for work. Keep them coming!!!!! ✌🏻❤️🤙🏻