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In 1996 less than 1% of the population used the internet. I was one of them and knew it’s implications. I learned it’s base code. In 2020 less than 1% of the population uses cryptocurrencies. I’m one of them and know it’s implications and understand it’s base code. Economies of scale and the network effect are not new concepts. The industrial revolution kicked off the digital revolution. The internet revolutionized the storage and spread of data. Cryptocurrencies revolutionized the storage and spread of something more valuable. Money. Traditional stores of value like gold and real estate are being replaced by digital versions that can be instantly transferred to anyone, anywhere. Stores of value and currencies based off that store of value are now digital.

The DeFi Ethereum Coin Swap Widget Below Swaps Coins For The Best Price For Those With A Personal Wallet.

Brave Browser has the MetaMask plugin built-in as well as other amazing features. Protect your Data as well as your Money.

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1Inch Exchange

UniSwap DeFi Exchange (Decentralized Financial Exchange)

DeFi Pulse

Current Projects I’m In:  CORE Vault Harvest – Badger DAO – Stake DAO

Ethereum Yield Farmers  –  Yield Farming Ranking

Crypto Calculator & Converter for doing Math

Got bored CPU-GPU/s?  NiceHash Miner

Know what you’re actually up against. Follow the money…

The Creature From Jekyll Island Part 2 and Part 3