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The DeFi Ethereum Coin Swap Widget Below Swaps Coins For The Best Price For Those With A Personal Wallet.

Brave Browser has the MetaMask plugin built-in as well as other amazing features. Protect your Data as well as your Money.

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On ramp to buy crypto and get a few free coins:
My Coinbase referral Invite
Coinbase Invite for Free Compound (COMP) coin

Brave Creators can accept BAT as payment

UniSwap DeFi Exchange (Decentralized Financial Exchange)

DeFi Pulse

Crypto Calculator & Converter for doing Math

Ethereum Yield Farmers  –  Yield Farming Ranking

Current Projects I’m In:  CORE Vault  –  Kush Finance  –  Harvest Finance

Got bored CPU-GPU/s?  NiceHash Miner

Know what you’re actually up against. Follow the money…

The Creature From Jekyll Island Part 2 and Part 3