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Hey DGC here’s some photos of my N13 kush from sensi seeds research strains. She’s finished in just over 7 weeks and the buds are huge and frosty. She’s faded into beautiful autumnal colours. The smell is proper dank and sweet like berries I can wait to try it. Grown in 5 gal fabric pots in canna soil, Remo nutrients and Recharge of course. This is the first grow in my new 5×5 room I built from left over materials I had from a recent house build. My last post got featured on dank nugs around this time last year and I was absolutely buzzing when I heard it (bubba slush & super silver haze). At that time I was in my 2×4 tent waiting for an upcoming move. Anyways love the show and always tell fellow growers in the UK about you guys. Lay low stay high DGC.