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What up DGC, I need some fast help.  My plants are on day 46 of flower and have been looking great- two Alien Orange Gum from obsoul33t that are 1-2 weeks from being ready to harvest and one Cheese by Dinafem that is within a week of being able to harvest based on trich’s.

With the warmer weather my humidity has been spiking and my dehumidifier hasn’t been able to keep up.  Two days ago I left the tent open to try and lower the humidity a bit and then COMPLETELY fucking forgot to close it the lights went off!!! By the time I got back to it the lights had been off for about two hours and the room the tent is in had ambient light.  I closed the tent promptly hoped for the best.  Today I was scoping the plants and I think I found a nanner…. Never had this happen before so I need advice. I clipped the branch that I found it on to get this close up with my camera. I haven’t found any more yet but am not sure what to do.  Advice?  This is on my Cheese plant. The Alien Orange Gum look okay so far.

I clipped my scrog net so I can remove the plant quickly if that is what’s advisable. Now I’m off to work for the day so my fingers are crossed…..

Thank you all for your help as always.