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What’s up DGC, Urban-Pharma here, I have a question about nanners in week 3-4 of flower (obviously every one is gonna say burn it, but no this is research, I wanna see wtf happens and info I can gather) a certain strain im running (WEDDING PIE), that i’m also vegging and keeping in my garden for multiple runs, has now shown me complications, I wanted to bring this to the DGC, cause guru had mentioned that if a plant you have is herming in flower it can be a possibility, its trying to preserve its genetics and is giving out FEMALE pollen as guru said in a previous grow talk, that if all the hormones and parameters are right, the plants  could be producing FEMALE pollen its , if so I have some work to back it up, I have 5, 7gallon all coco synganic medium, all are being treated the same but only two give you complications and Hermes, also only one sack got away from me. I managed to scope out and pick all the rest. When I noticed some swollen preflower I knew I had to re-scope I found a nanner that had seem to already release pollen, I knew this plant wants to preserve its genetics, I’ve ran this strain plant of times for my personal head stash, and all of the sudden now it gives me these complications, I Kew something was up. I would like input on this guru, also I would like to add another good point about solid battery and surface area.

If I ran the same genetics in the same parameters but in different plant count and size. EX. If I ran 9, 3 gallon pots of the same strain, under the same environmental and nutritional support would it be different from me running 5, 7 gallon pots of the same strain and obviously under the same environmental and nutritional support would  I obtain a greater yield from the 7 gals being that 7 gal = 35 gallons of medium, to 9, 3 gal=27 gallons of medium, and this is all being done under a 4x4x6 area. Sorry for to run on sentences, also the weird bottles you see hanging are obviously my DIY CO2, o would like to add some real CO2 buy I can’t afford it at the moment.