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What’s up DGC, I had a question for Guru on behalf of genetic preservation, you mentioned, lets say that if all your parameters are in check and you know the cut your getting is stable, could it be possible that the nanners thrown out in week 3-4 of flower is due to the plant trying to preserve its genetics? I’ve ran this strain a few times and i am currently running it, only 3 plants out 5 Hermed but it was just a few sacks, I picked then but missed two lol, may I have your input on this ?

Also Dude, Guru, Scotty, do you believe in soil mass over soil count, meaning. If I have 5x7gal pots running the same strain, same parameters, will I pull the same from 9x3gals running the same strain? I mean 5x7gals=35gals of medium and 9x3gals =27gals of medium. Or like Guru said it’s all surface area and C02 lol any ways I will be testing this so I will have data for this question, just thought it would be something interesting to share 😄 this feature post is my current grow.