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I’m in the market for a new LED light and went to the grow store looking for the newest gavita led because of all the reviews and all the people using them on YouTube. But when I told the guy at the store what I was looking for he said there’s a back order that dates months from now. He then mentioned for me to look into the new LED from nanolux first thing I seen went it came to the watts was going to be almost 1800 total watts for two 4 foot bars with 8 lux bars per fixture. This seems like a lot of watts to me with it being LEDs. 200 more watts and I could just get two 1000 hps. I know it would be more in power that way so I’m not gonna go that route. Any way I wanna know your thoughts on why there’s so much watts coming from that led and if there going to burn the plants. I’ve only seen one guy on YouTube using them so it scares me. Waiting on your advice on the overall thoughts before I make my purchase. Please don’t keep me waiting to long. Thanks to all of you. Oh yeah look up Bug-a-salt/salt gun for the fly problem y’all seem to be having in every podcast.