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Hey DGC, love the show.  I have grown medically for about 6 years, I started off with the Hygro Hybrid method of hydroponics.  My record was 28 Ounces under a true 600 watt LED.  After the expenses and time required got too much to handle, I switched to the same methods and recipes, just in coco.

As I evolved as a grower, I started exploring other more environmentally friendly growing options.  I did a couple runs of super soil, the results were “ok”.  For about the last year, I have been researching Natural Farming.  There are many versions, I went with the Korean Natural Farming version.  This is taught in english by Chris Trump and Drake.  It seems like snake oil, trust me, it’s not.

I made every input, most are 10 days or less, 1 takes 3 months, the other takes 6 months.  All are based around fermentation and almost holistic levels of fertilization.

For my latest grow, I mixed topsoil, Sphagnum Moss and my version of Perlite/Vermiculite in a ratio of 60/30/10.  I put 70 Gallons of this mixture into 6-100 gallons fabric pots and top dressed with 1 inch of quality compost and sprayed with soil treatment solution.  I then followed Natural Farming to the letter.

The girls are on day 32 in the photos below.  There is definitely something to this Natural Farming.

Please ignore the damned blurple, It was the previous generation from Fluence.