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Whats up Dude, Scotty, Guru, and DGC! Back with another question.  I currently have 9 seedlings rolling, one  Cheese, two Alien Orange Gum, and 6 Corleone from a friend.  Last week my friend that gave me the seeds took me to his facility where he has quite a few Corleone.  I was blown away by their size and quickly realized that I may have a challenge on my hands growing this sativa dominate strain in my 3.5’x3.5′ flower tent. When I mentioned my concerns to my friend he told me that I shouldn’t have to worry about it if I use PGR’s.  He gave me the recipe for the natural one they use and I wanted your feedback on it. I heard Scotty talk about using Kelp recently when someone asked about foliar feeding with Recharge but this recipe has a few other things. I will also post his nutrient schedule because I’m curious what you guys think. It seems like a LOT to me but I’m not entirely sure.

Natural PGR: 1/8 tsp/gal Kelp, 1/4 tsp/gal Fulvic Acid, 1/4 tsp/gal Humic Acid, 1/16 tsp/gal Yucca

I’m very unfamiliar with PGR’s all together. All I’ve heard is that they make your buds dense, your plants shorter, and there are some very harmful ones on the market. Here is the recipe from my friend along with a pic of him standing next to some Corleone plants in mid flower.

Also, for those of you that gave me advice on my last post about my droopy seedlings- They are back on track. Thanks for the help, homies. I’ll post a pic of them as well. Back right corner: Cheese, two in the front left corner: Alien Orange Gum, the rest are Corleone.

Much love DGC!