I recently started using a Nectar for the God’s sample kit that you can get for the price of postage. It only cost me $29 for close to $140 in Nutrients. The sample kit includes: Quarts of Medusa’s Magic, Gaia Mania, Athena’s Aminas , Demeter’s Destiny, Herculean Harvest, Zeus Juice, and 8 oz bottles of Bloom Khaos and Olympus up. It also has a small sample bottle of FullOn as well as one of SLF-100. I had a 250 watt HPS/MH light kicking around so I decided to run this sample pack under it in a closet. So far everything looks great after a few feedings just following the schedule they give you and adding Full On at 1-2 ml/gallon. I haven’t used the SLF-100 yet so I have no opinion on that. I think it’s a great deal to try something new without the large investment. While it’s not exactly a beginner line, a newbie could spend their money on a good PH pen instead of expensive nutrients. Get it here http://www.socascade.com/samples/