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What’s up DGC, new member here. Just wonderin if I could get some help on a problem I keep running into.

So my plants just started their 4th week from seed and are showing these spots. Same thing happened on my last grow around this same time as well. Starts out with little tan specks and spots between veins and ends up as rusted brittle leaves.  Not sure if it’s one thing causing this, or many.

I’m using happy frog soil in 1 gal pots, and have only given them filtered pH’d water and Recharge (in between waterings) so far. I also did a foliar spray with some dynagro silica in an attempt to toughen up the leaves. Temps are at 77-81 lights on, and 71-75 off, humidity stays around 25%. I’m using an hlg 100 and a mars 300, 18 inches from the tops of the plants, and have an inline fan going 24/7 with an oscillating fan hitting them too.

From what I’ve looked at online, my guess it’s some kind of fungus attacking them, or maybe the low humidity. I’m looking for humidifiers online (what would you recommend?) Also, could this be cal-mag related?  I plan on hitting em with low dose nutes soon, I use the general organics go box.

I’ve checked everywhere for bugs, top and bottoms of leaves, with a microscope, and poked around the soil, and couldn’t find any.

Please lemme know what could be causing this, so we can save these from getting any worse. Thank you so much for reading all this.