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Greetings DGC. Longtime/first time, from prohibition land. Big fan of the show, both for it’s knowledge, but especially for it’s entertainment value. I love listening to you guys while I’m working around my house. You guys rock, take it from me, a 64 year old grandpa who’s loved weed for over 45 years.

My question is regarding lighting for a 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 7 closet grow. I currently run a 315CMH. It does alright. I grow some really nice buds with it, but I rarely get more than 0.6 g/w on my yields. I grow in 3 gal pots ( 4 per cycle) in organic living soil. I prefer these smaller pots because it allows me to grow up to four different varieties per cycle. I always wonder though, is it the size of the pots or the light that is the main limiting factor. I am contemplating getting an LED. Can you please recommend a good light that will replace and improve performance compared to my CMH. My goal is to breakthrough the 1g/w threshold on my yields. I should add one more thing. Scotty, I do have my environment dialed-in. VPD is the key brother.