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I’m considering adding CO2 to my grow tents but I need some advice on how to automate the CO2 delivery along with the carbon filter ventilation system. At some point I’m going to replace the tents with actual grow rooms. Odor control is imperative for me and I have carbon filters in my tents that run constantly on the fans’ LOWEST and slowest setting. This system has produced some great buds without flooding the rest of the building with an obvious smell. Fresh air is passively drawn into the room through the screened vent openings at the bottom of the tents. The room the tents are in is temperature and humidity controlled and is generally between 72°F and 80°F year-round.   I know that I don’t want the carbon filter/exhaust fan running while the CO2 system is dispensing CO2 but I’m not sure how to set it up (automate) so that the fan and the CO2 are working alternately and symbiotically.

My internet searching has found plenty of CO2 PPM control systems and some with humidity control added. What I CAN’T find is a CO2 controller combined with an alternating fan controller. Let’s say, something that’ll control the CO2 level for 57 minutes per hour and then shut down for 3 minutes while running the filter/fan system to vent and control odor. I know I’m missing something and I’m hoping that some of you with more experience in these systems can give me some advice – I need help finding the correct controllers and the most effective ways to set up the whole system. Am I looking at all this the right way or am I missing something in how all this works and should be set up??  I can’t spend $1500 (or more) on a commercial controller but I’m guessing somebody has figured out how to set up  the control for less than $500 – I’m hoping, anyway.

What controllers and/or timers do I need and how should I set all this up? Pretend I dont know anything (not far from the truth, lol) so that even total newbies can get something out of this! Please explain like you’re doing a ‘CO2 for Dummies’ episode!

I grow some pretty nice bud (organically in soil) but I’d like to step up my game. I’ve got some really great genetics (Ethos, JinxProof, Motiv, Duke Diamond, etc) that I want to run for extracts – pressing flower and eventually making Live Rosin. So, I’m hoping the addition of CO2 will help increase trichome production beyond what I’m currently getting. Not to mention, speed up my veg growth and maybe increase yield just a little. Quality is my 1st, my second AND MY THIRD concern. Looking forward to some DGC wisdom! THANKS!