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Hello guys

I need some help with my 2nd grow. 1st indoors. I have a Wedding Cake, Platinum OG, Northern Lights, and a ‘91 Christmas vegging on a 16 & 8 sch. They’re in FFOF and were being fed the FF Holy Trinity, Big  Bloom, Grow Big, and Tiger Bloom. I say were because I cut off all nutrition 2 weeks ago. The FF nutes were mixed with Distilled Water and pH adjusted up to 5.8-6.1. The RH and temp is 75 degrees with 45-60% RH. As the pic’s show, I’ve got a boatload of trouble. When 1st detected I thought nute burn so I stopped all feedings and went with pH checked and adjusted Distilled Water. This may have slowed the ravaging but not stop it. They’re all in 5 gal. grow bags and typically watered/fed on an every 3rd day sch. with each plant getting 3/4 – 1 gallon. I just changed the sch. to 1/2 – 3/4 gallon last week. My IPM is Neem and Insecticidal Soap on a rotational sch. of once a week which has been stepped up to rotating every 2-3 days. Bottom line is, I don’t have a fucking clue what’s going on. All this bs came down just as I wanted to flip. I’m begging for answers. What is going on or what have/am I doing to cause this? If I’ve left out anything you need to know, please, by all means, reply and let me know.