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Hey DGC it’s me Dab Bod…….I have a question????  I provided the exact same pictures of the products I’m interested in using. I currently use ( Blue Planet Cal-Mag Fox Farmer’s 3 part & Scottie’s Recharge in Fox Farmers Ocean Forest soil in 5 gallon buckets with small drain hoe ) mixed together in this order anyways If I was to use Reno Supercharged Kit 7x1L do I or can I use Cal-Mag I know Cal-Mag is for coco more but I like to use it in my grow 5 ml per gallon. Also do I or can I use Recharge with this particular Remo nutrients PS I know Fox Farmers isn’t the best soil but my local shop has it $20 a bag if I order anything off line I’m scared I’m going to pay a lot in shipping and handling.