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Hello all,

I’ve grown outdoors in soil for a couple years and have decided to try my luck indoors. This is my first indoor grow.

I have two critical jack autos and two white widow autos side by side. The larger plant in the photo is a random photo clone I got from my neighbor and has been moved outdoors.

One of my white widows doesn’t look so hot, and I’m noticing some yellowing on the others. From what I’ve read it looks like an iron deficiency.

For background, it has been 12 days since germination, I’m growing drain to waste in coco/perlite in 3.5 gallon fabric pots in a 4×4 tent under 4x 120 watt boards. Temps stay between 70-80° Fahrenheit and humidity is between 50-60%.

I feed once a day, starting with .2 ec tap water adding GH 3 part, cal mag, and Protekt at 1.0 ec and around 5.8 pH. I have inoculated with Tribus microbes.

I’m worried that the issue is related to the cheap amazon brick coco that I used. I did wash in a big tub with cal mag and pH’d water.

I did accidentally water with without lowering the pH a couple days ago. My tap comes out between pH 7-8.

I’m hoping someone can lead me to a solution. I’d hate to lose the little things.

Thanks for reading!