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What’s up DGC and the rest of the boys. So it’s been a minute since I’ve been able to make a post. ( minor issue with the law). So my question is about drivers for one qb288 V2 R-Spec. And being that I’m not the best with LEDs and still trying to figure all that scientific stuff out. I have a question about driver’s now they recommend the hlg 120H 54, which is in fact what Im probably going to do. However I started looking at some different drivers and ended up getting myself even more confused.

Does anyone know what’s the maximum current I can push through that qb288 without causing damage and still be relatively efficient? What’s up with the LPV drivers? Are those the same and could they work for this light or something similar?

I also have a driver that was gifted to me from a local Hydro Store and it doesn’t seem to be working with that qb288. It’s an HLG-80h-54BL. So is that driver even capable of putting out enough power? Or is it just flat out not compatible with this light? Before you ask, yes its wired correctly (85% sure at least) and I saw that driver powering a single COB fixture that was right around 75w or so. I doubt that it got broken during the 1 mile drive home, I bubble wrapped the shit out of it..because I’m clumsy and will drop just about everything important or expensive. Any advice would help

Thanks again for everything you do and thanks for bringing the merch back!

Keep it stoney!


p.s. attached photos are of my current plants. 3 photos from IRIE genetics. The large one that’s in flower is actually a freebie that I got from seedsman. It’s an Alaskan purple autoflower that’s on its 2md week of flower. I’m really happy with how she is doing and beyond proud of how far I’ve come with autos (that learning curve is surprisingly challenging). Standing roughly 3.5 feet tall in a 5 gal fabric pot with promix amended with build a soil mineral kit and a couple other small additions. She’s fed with roots organics buddha line (buddha grow, bloom, hp, hpk, trinity,  surge) at quarter strength. As well as a light dose of recharge with every watering. I can’t believe this thing is honestly still alive. If you could have seen how it looked during that root aphid infestation I had oh, you might agree. So shout out to doctor zymes as well for saving its life. A Couple times if using that and some nematodes in a soil drench and she is now aphid free and chugging along (slowly).

Can stress really set an auto this far behind? It’s been 8 weeks since she broke the surface and still looks like another 2 or 3 to go! I couldn’t be more proud as this is only my 2nd attempt at auto flowers. In total, this will be my 4th successful grow since starting at the beginning of last year. She may not be the biggest or prettiest but she’s mine and I love her. Thanks for reading and sorry about the grammar, voice to text really sucks lol.