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Yo What’s up Dude, Scotty, Guru and everyone at DGC. Love the show glad i can help support the show for the help I’ve gotten from y’all in the past 2 years of listening. Here’s my situation. I’m using BioBizz’s line (grow, fishmix, haven, topmax, root juice, bloom) with Botonicares silica, and General Hydroponics cal/mag for my first time and have been thinking about trying down to earth dry amendments. Just as a side by side comparison and would like to know your opinions on what i’d need to start off with using foxfarm as my base or should I be using a different soil instead like roots organic or happy frog? How much should my ratios be added and when? Which of the down to earth amendments should i add at my start of veg first and second week of flower? I get confused on what all amendments do what and when they should be added. I’ll be using earthworm casting as well but i’ve been growing for 3 years. Started with Peters synthetic fertilizer made it to Humboldt secret and after hearing y’all talk Biobizz I wanna compare but just need step by step with these dry amendments. Thanks everyone in advance and sorry so many questions I may be over thinking do y’alls helps always appreciated from out here n prohibition land happy growing y’all.