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Hello nice people!

The wife and I are big fans of the show. We love watching on youtube. Keep up the great work.

I’m growing four autos in my totally legal medical marijuana grow!
Advanced Seeds Strawberry Gum
Bomb Seeds Cherry Bomb
Dinafem Seeds Cookies
Kera Seeds Bubblegum

I am running Jacks 321 ratio with RO water in a 70/30 coco perlite mix called Cyco Coco Pearl. I’m using 3 gallon fabric pots. In preparation I ran 4 gallons of RO through each one and got around 60 ppm runoff at the end. It’s the first time using this brand coco coir, and coco in general, and am looking for advice. My last grow was Cloud Coir 50/50 coco perlite with decent results. Before that, for a long time I ran straight perlite in hempy buckets, but I didn’t like the recirculating reservoir and pH managing.

Currently at day 13 I’m feeding 520 ppm at 5.8 pH. I plan to go up to 600 ppm next feeding. I water twice a day running the pump for about 30 seconds which provides sufficient runoff. I add Recharge once a week! Lighting is 960w quantum boards running at 540w at the wall. This is about 26 watt per square foot. The lights are lm301b based quantum boards using 3500k plus 660nm red. They are at 4 feet above the plants.

The environment is daytime temp 80 to 82 deg and humidity 65 to 70%. Night time is 72 deg and 65% humidity. The CO2 is running about 500 to 600 naturally.

So at day 13 I’m pretty pleased, but I am seeing a bit of lightening in the leaves in between the veins appearing on all the plants. As I stated above I plan to increase to 600 ppm, but I don’t think that’s the problem. I think this is a calcium deficiency and I need to increase the Calcium Nitrate. But how much? 10% 15% Should I also increase the Magnesium (Epsom Salt) or leave it alone? Please chime in, these are autos and I don’t want to get behind on them. Thanks in advance my friends.