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Hey guys whats up?  I’m a pretty new listener, discovered your podcast a few months ago (never have listened to podcasts before) and now I listen to at least one episode on spotify a day while I maintain my plants or harvest. I have been working with DWC for over 10 years now and a few years back I finally realized it was a pest that was destroying my crops and made my loose my heavy weighter sadly as i couldn’t get a clone to survive for a few months until I started to scope out the plants and realized there was micro activity that didn’t belong.  I ended up killing every strain I had, completely bleached both my veg and flower rooms and started up a bunch of new strains by seed.  Well the major infestation has been destroyed but I’m beginning to think these bugs live in my carpet in other rooms in my house.  So how Ive managed to keep going is to spray my veg plants with 3 different solutions at different times than wait 4 days until after my last spray, take clones and move the plants over to the flower room.  I can still get over 1.2 grams per wattage of light but Id rather be at the 1.5g+ rate and I know these pests are affecting the final outcome.  These plants in veg are under t5 bulbs, yes i know I haven’t upgraded yet being old school, temps are mid to high 70s and humidity is around 50-55.  The sprays I have been using, which I change up the order from time to time is  1. mixing water with diatomaceous earth into a spray bottle which obviously leaves white residue on my leaves after. 2. monterey garden insect spray 3. forbid4f (which is something id rather not use but it really helped save some plants in my past)  and usually I mix in a little bit of sm90 into each mix as I still have maybe a cup or so of sm90 left as i believe you cant find it any longer – do you have suggestions of a replacement?  Anywho I went ahead and bought a usb OTG microscope for under $30 and wow every grower needs something like this as you will see from my picture 😉

And since I cant post a link of a video here is a google drive link of the video file which on the left half side if you watch you can see the bug moving down the screen next to the corpses of all the other bugs ;x   Also to note – the picture is not of a bug, but of something this bug I have creates..  Its like sap, usually white/pink in color and crumbles if i squeeze it – only found on the stems of leaves.  I have no clue if the bug in the video is the same bug creating what you see in the picture.  There are no signs of flying bugs in either of my rooms.