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Hello, DGC

I am preparing for my next grow. I started with autos but now want a bigger harvest. I have upgraded my 2×4 to a Gorilla 2×4. Thanks Dude for the advice, the zippers are way better! I am using living soil for the first time shout out to clayton owner/friend of Third Eye Organics. Good bio char mix. I always use Recharge even on my tomatoes. I’m about ready for another 8oz bag for sure. Scotty, thanks for bringing us the product. Didn’t get to tell you that in our interview cause my internet sucks and would like to talk again another time. Anyways, I was wanting any advice on the strain chem dog,  like are heavy feeders or what? I think i remember Scotty talking about growing that strain? Also, I have 3 lights and wanna know if it’s too much to run all 3 cause i think they are smaller but figured Guru could help me out. I have a mars hydro ts1000, spider farmer sf1000, and a hlg 100 R Spec. I believe if my airflow is good I’ll be good, but also know you can have too much light. Thank you guys for hearing me out and teaching us how to grow, one love. And sorry for slacking on my Patreon, i just got back to work. Need some Recharge soon.

Good Growings, Alexander Smoke-alot (Mo Grower)