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Greetings fellow DGC.  I’m looking for a little…who am I kidding I’m looking for a lot of advice on an effective nutrient schedule.  It’s my first grow in a 4×4 ac infinity tent.  I’m running a timber grow cypress 6 with two s6 cloudline fans and inkbird controllers.   While waiting for the light to be built I had plenty of time to buy practically the whole line of GH products, more is better right?  So now I’m somewhat in a pickle.  I have two Step Childs from Best Coast Gens, one Trademark Chad from Riot Seeds, and a bag seed Pink Candy from Betty all grown in coco/perlite/castings 60/20/20.  I’ve been trying to use the 10 panel custom feed chart from GH with recharge of course but have run into so many bumps in the road from thrips to deficiencies to toxicity and now lockout.  It’s the girls first couple days into flower and I did a complete flush with florakleen(why not I bought the damn stuff) and I want to at least try to finish them on the right foot.  Any suggestions or recommendations on what to feed and how much would be awesome.   Sorry about chattering on but I just had my morning pot of coffee and super lemon haze fix.  Thanks in advance guys and gals.