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Hello DGC, i’m looking for some help in regards to what I can do or grow to help my mother during chemotherapy. She has been diagnosed with Cancer recently and i’m trying to do anything I can to help. Its a cancer in the digestive system. I dont want to be to specific to protect her identity. She isn’t a smoker but loves growing for others and is interested in CBD. I know this is gonna be rough on us so im reaching out hoping my community and grow friends can help in some way. Please if you do comment trying to help have some science behind it or experience with it in some way since ill be looking into everything that’s posted on here thoroughly and it will make it easier to research. I’m not the type to ask for help but i’m feeling helpless and need something to do to feel like i’m doing all I can. I love all you guys and wouldn’t feel comfortable asking any other community but this one. And thanks to scotty and the dude and guru for giving us a place of safety to be able to ask questions like this. It means a lot to me and i’m sure others feel the same way. Thank you.