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Hello from Ontario! I love the show! You guys keep me company while I work!
So I’m growing four plants from THC Bomb seeds by Bomb Seeds. They are all in Happy Frog potting soil. Under eight agroled LED strips that fit into two four foot, four bulb T5 fixtures. I currently have alternating bloom and veg light strips with the idea that all my plants will be reasonably happy together whether they are flowering autos or vegging photos. They are being fed the Botanicare Bloom nutes, cal/mag, Supermax B1, Green Planet Liquid Weight (carbohydrates) and occasionally Microbial Mass. Two plants are nice and lush although I’m seeing some lower leaves die from some kind of infection that is creating first brown spots and then wilting leaves. But then the other two plants are growing a bit stunted with the new growth looking tiny. The tiny leaves are curling down and fading from light green to yellow and the tips and edges are turning brown and crispy and rolling up on the tips. It is at 21 degrees inside my 3×5 and 64% rh. They are about a week into flower and a week before I flipped them I slid them out of their 12 litre (3 gallon) pots and into 35 litre airpots (about 9 gallons). I water them about twice a week when the soil is dry. Any help would be appreciated!