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Heyyyyy everybody! Long time listener first time poster. I’m a secret closet grower deep in prohibition land. I’m lucky enough to be in a state that has NO cannabis laws. Which means it’s the devils lettuce here haha! So I have absolutely no one to talk to about these beautiful plants we love to grow! Hell I’ve never seen a hydro store in real life! I have been growing for about 2 to 3 years and 90% of those grows have been autos. I’ve gotten about 3 good photo runs under my belt but I’m not going to lie I’m horrible at feeding multiple bottles. Plus My carpet is already stained enough from shaking up bottles that I didn’t put the cap all the way back on. I listen to the show a lot and once Scotty dropped the dots I was sold! I didn’t just buy some i started a YouTube channel using specifically grow dots. I have been failing a good bit but it has nothing to do with the dots. I just started an ethos auto grow and once there getting close to done I’ll be starting a ethos photo run as well! I guess what I’m getting at is kind of a shameless plug but I would love for the DGC to check out some of my vids and drop me some tips and tricks about the dots! I really appreciate all of you guys and hopefully I can make it to the cup!

my YouTube: