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Hey guys, thanks for the shout out on Feb 28th show!!  So, a couple years ago I created a “Super Auto” cross called Nerdberry.  This cross consists of a special genetic called Nordurt that was created at a hippy commune in Denmark called, They Legren,” shout out to my boy Mike Green in Denmark! The father is Blueberry Auto.  The Nordurt mother is what we call a super auto. Super autos were made popular by a breeder named Stitch, who owns Flash Seeds. Super autos can take just as long as regular photoperiod plants, in this case a little longer, but start flowering under 18 hours of light, or outdoors, whenever they feel like flowering, lol. Outdoors Nordurt can reach heights of 15-20 feet. Indoors, it reaches 6-8 feet if not properly trained. This particular super auto is also able to be transplanted and cloned.  The plant in the pictures is my Nerdberry, grown by Okie Kush Farm, a commercial medical cannabis operation in Oklahoma City, owned by my good friend, Brad Hand.  This was grown in organic soil, in a 5 gallon pot, which supplemental organic bottled nutes, I believe. Harvested wet weight is 2lb and it was cut 2 days ago. These are the longest colas I have ever seen, around 38-48 inches on some of them.  These seeds will be available, along with the Hometown Hero you mentioned on the show, within the next few months. I am down to only breeding stock to keep the genetics going.