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Hey DGC, you guys rock.  Keep the knowledge coming.

Today you guys talked about using Nest cameras in your grow.  I had an extra one and used one in my 4×4 the last few months.  In Michigan the temp and humidity changes a lot during some seasons.  What I figured out saved my ass several times.

If the Nest camera is pointed on the garden (or floor) you can see your hygrometer.  Which means in real time I can see my plants, temp, and humidity.  I bought a couple Wi-Fi plugs on amazon for less then $10 a piece.  What I created was a fully controllable set up with a heater, humidifier, dehumidifier, and exhaust fan.  I realize You can buy a controller for this but I already had the camera.  What I came up with is a system that lets me control the grow to within 3 degrees over 24 hours and maintain humidity.  All I do is watch my environment and turn off or on my mechanicals from my phone if I want to play with the inputs.  My heater is set at about 78 degrees so I know the max temp in my tent can get to about 80-81 degrees.  Besides the camera ($169) the whole set up was about $100 for the heater, dehumidifier, plugs, and humidifier.