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I was catching up on some old episodes and back around episode 200 The Dude mentioned the Urban Weather Station from Netatmo. Sounded like an interesting product so that night I got one off of Amazon for around $160. In case you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about…



So Temp, Humidity, and CO2 all accessible by computer or cellphone app? With data graphing and even notifications sent to your phone when your preset highs and lows for the different categories are exceeded, thus helping you to avoid losing your crop? Hell yeah.


So when you take the product out of the box you get one outdoor unit and one indoor. You want the indoor unit in your tent as that is the one that monitors CO2. Also, you can order additional units and link them to your phone so you can monitor multiple rooms from anywhere and at anytime.  At this point I should probably mention the instructions for the product suck; it’s like a tiny IKEA instruction booklet. Luckily the setup is pretty simple.


First, download the app to your smart phone or tablet device and sync it to the weather stations. From the main screen you can view all the current atmospheric conditions as of the unit’s last update (system checks surrounding air and sends an update every five minutes).  If you turn your phone sideways you can see the trends / high points and low points for all conditions.


Now with my unit for some reason it was saying the CO2 level in my tent was around 15ppm.  I call bullshit. So it says the unit will automatically calibrate itself every now any then for accuracy, but you can also have it calibrate itself on command. So I did that by selecting the calibrate option in the phone app and now my CO2 is showing around 1,300ppm.  Better, but it is still off from the Desktop AutoPilot by about 200ppm. Going to take them both outdoors and calibrate them to see how off they are from each other at that point, but temperature and Humidity are pretty close to my other monitoring equipment.


So when factoring in ease of use, price, and overall peace of mind it will give you regarding your grow….this product gets an 8/10. Definitely worth it DGC.


By the way, if it seems like I was rambling at any point I may have been baked while I typed it up…allegedly.