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New solo grower outta the Detroit Michigan area. Currently I’ve been doing this grow completely on my own, have no one around to go to for references or insight so you’re show has been invaluable to me!! Thank you guys so much! Let’s get to it!

4x5x8 Vivosun tent (horrible tent DO NOT RECOMMEND!) I chose this specific to my space and conditions. My girlfriend and I have a 1 bedroom apartment and this tent has to be in our bedroom and we have a 75 lbs pit bull that I have to keep completely quarantined from my grow space so I needed space for a work bench within my grow space away from animals and other house plants. The tent has 3 compartments.

For ventilation 4” AC Infinity inline bringing air in and 6” AC Infinity exhausting. I do use Co2 but I hoped even with exhaustion the Co2 supplement would combine with Co2 coming in to keep levels somewhat constant 🤷🏻 For air movement I have a 10” fan blowing on driver mid level of tent, small oscillating fan moving air around bases under canopy and the inline fan blowing air in the root zone moving through and around the base of the pots.

For lights I’m running 240w MyLumii full spec and a 110w parfactworks full spec. They are both adjusted together to deliver 300 – 350 par to the babies 400-550 vegging 550 – 650 on my flowering autos. It’s dialed in pretty good I THINK.

For Medium I build my own, 50 50 peat vermiculite then I add about 10% perlite, Dolomite lime, gypsum, and lightly amend with alfalfa meal.

For pots I use all cloth pots at 3 gal deep wells and also 5 gallon depending on the way the auto grows. Transplant if need be but start seeds in Pete pellets and move to 3 gallon deep pots right from the start.

For water I use either tap treated for 48 hours with Drops of Balance or pure distilled water when I need more concentrated nutes to ppm and I water without run off but always allow enough to wick up the bottom from the tray but never with standing water or nutes in the pot trey.

The Strains I’m running are 5 white widow royal queen seeds, 2 Magic Melon Humbolt seeds, 2 Creme De La Chem by Mephisto and adding in 2 purple punch Barney’s Farm, 1 Banana Blaze by Dutch passion. This makes my 12 plants.

For feeding I use NPK RAW Industries line, Massive Bloom Formulation, Axiom Harpin Protein treatments, Recharge AND the NPK RAW microbes line as well for diversity. Also for stress factors I use a Kelp, Silica, Fulvic acid, Yukka foliage feed. Seedlings get 250ppm max, vegging 500-650 ppm Flower 750-850 ppm I’ve stuck by these numbers consistently. Always check pH before adding to plants and maintain 6.2

I also have the Migro 330 UVB/UVA light for increased trics and THC coming in today.
Also planning on getting the Optic 650s Slim bar light to gain control over the entire space and I’ll be setting up the 3x2x8 AC infinity tent next to this one and moving the 240w MyLumii in there for doing photo runs once I can.

I really have no idea if I’m even on the right track here or not. I’ve implemented everything that resonates with me. Do you guys see anything detrimental to my system? Or simply anything I could do to improve what’s going on?