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Hey DGC! I’m a new member and loving it! I’m not sure if this is a hack but I built it (not completely my design) and it just strait rocks! Its a 13 Gal oxygenated auto water system for coco with custom drain pan. This allows me high frequency fertigation up to 5 times a day in flower. I’m a TIG welder by trade so I make whatever I can. I made the stand under my tent, (to eliminate siphon issues) and a 14 gal aluminum drain pan. I siphon drain the pan once a week when I refill the rez. Super cheap and easy. This thing is virtually maintenance free. An hour a week tops it requires my attention.

This is basically Dr.Cocos design with my custom touches. This is just a veg tent. I’ll transfer the water system and plants to my flower tent which has saucer drains. I don’t have a lot of room as you can see so we make do. I’m just lucky to be able to fit a veg tent in by my furnace lol. This is a setup run of some Holy Grail Kush and lime O.G. Once my harvest dries in my flower tent they will rotate in and I’ll make room for some Fruitella (dudes free pack) and Ethos Early Lemon Berry seeds I got from Seeds here now. I use the complete Green Planet Dual Fuel nutrient line (best nutes ever), Mother Earth coco and Great White when I transplant. Keep It Simple Student. I’m thinking about trying some Recharge when my nutes get low but its hard to switch from what I have going. Thanks for the tips and keep growin!