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Hello DGC and crew I have recently bought a new dwc cloner and took some cuts from some strains I want to save. The clones have been in my cloner for 2 days and i’m getting a clear gel on the stems of my cuttings. This can not be roots already. I need help understanding what’s going on and if this is normal. My water was set to a pH of 5.7 at 75F now it has jumped to pH of 6.5 twice and my water is turning cloudy and white. Not sure if I need to change water or if that’s normal. I used uc roots 10 ml per gallon, hormex 7 ml per gallon and clone x 15 ml per gallon. I’m a soil grower and have no experience with dwc any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m running out of time to take clones from my girls before harvest and just want to be successful with keeping my strains.┬áThank you for all you do on the show always enjoy learning and growing the dank with the DGC.