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Hey DGC,

I posted a couple of weeks back about spider mites. Seems to be good now, after having no plants in the house for about two weeks with a nice pesticide and cleaning run.

I am now running 4 recreational Ontario plants and so far they are going very well. Because of my last problem I’ve become extremely scared to anything flying around. Things ARE flying around but my wife is convinced its fruit flies, I don’t know though. I’ve read that it could be from the soil but everything seems good now. (K9 soil from fox farm)

I’ve recently transplanted but one of the plants bottoms leaves have turned to a golden yellow color. Perhaps I put too much great white in the transplanted hole and caused some sort of toxicity? The new growth is fine so I’m hoping for the best on that blue dream.

I started some Alfalfa in a separate pot and two separate pots of sunflowers. I later learned its better to use them in the same pot but I don’t have a bed that big to fill with soil. Apparently though its still beneficial for good pests and what not…I’m hoping anyway.

I also should take this chance to say i got a 5×5 diy chilled puck kit for Christmas and i cant wait for these ladies to kick into flower. The veg plants are in a separate tent then where the flowers will end up. I have 2 Emerson boards and 2 exotic boards  Also went ahead and got there small square things that help the plants sleep faster. All thanks to the DGC. Thanks for all you do.

Sincererly,  Jessy