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hey everyone! i started remodeling the room for my new grow the middle of June. I’ve attempted multiple grows over the years, kind of hard to grow if you don’t own your home >.<
mom mom is battling cancer right now. i recently went to go be with her for a couple weeks after her visit to the icu. she has her medical cannabis card so she has kept seeds she has found the past few years and gave them to me when i was there.
my plan is to be able to bring her some of her buds for my Christmas vacation from work.

out of 6 seeds she gave me, 4 popped. (the two that didn’t pop were floating after 4 hours of soaking in rain water, corn seedling mush, and aloe goo.
i have a 5th plant going from a jack herer seed my brother and i found in a batch from the dispo while we were there. so basically im running potentially 5 different strains in one grow. ive never managed to get a grow with all the same strain so im used to plants not acting the same.
im running ocean forest with a little extra perlite in 5 gallon pots. roots organics amendments, mostly dry, 3 different types of bacteria/fungal inoculants, only buddha grow/bloom and trinity for bottled nutes. ive tried to grow multiple times so this grow is using some nice gear. these babies are going to have a 4×4 gorilla tent with the cfm kit and gear board, ac infinity 6″ with controller 69,
sf2000 led (almost completed 1 run with this light a year and a half ago in a 3×3, definitely showed some promise). they are doing veg under 4 ft led shop lights at 4000k with the plastic shroud over the led strip removed. im currently saving up for the next 2 months for some gear i want for the next cycle. i want the pulse pro, a 20lb co2 tank with rain system, and a larger light. im seriously considering getting the hlg 650r. i feel like the 4×4 can handle a larger light than the sf2000. im alotting a grand~~ for the light.
im not set on the specific light, just willing to drop the funds for an efficient light. ive been using rain water so far, definitly doing what i think i should to keep it good (filter out “particles” bottling and blacking out with black yard bags in the house).
i have a hydrologic small boy with the kdf85 filter for my tap water but im still trying to round up the plumbing. that filter is shipped ready to install on a yard hose, im waiting on the next batch of plumbing parts attempting to hook up to a generic house water line.
this grow i am prepared with the apera tc60 so i get pH/ec/tds/ppm/sal/temp. I’m also receiving my blue lab soil ph pen next week.

im getting the itch to want to talk about my grow, not always the best course of action 😉 the only person that knows about this is my mom and now the dude grows crew!
im hoping to do updates and im all ears for any tips tricks or corrections in my grow. i figure if im gonna talk about my grow it may as well be with a community that will enlighten instead of destroy my dreams!

Thanks for reading, i look forward to enjoying the crew!

(pic is 22 days in (last night), im topping them tonight after work!)