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What’s up Guru, Scotty & Dude. I got inspired by the 10 x 10 grow series on the buildasoil channel. I did not get a 10’ x 10’ tent like them, but I got a an 8’ x 8’. I am growing vegetable and cannabis in the 8 x 8. For the cannabis I have a blue dream and 2 Hilo strains growing in the aquaponic dual zone bed and a Dragon breath in a 10 g fabric pot. Most of the veggy are growing in a 10 g fabric pot. All soil are living soil including the dual zone (4th cycle). The fish tank is 70 gallons + a 20 gallons sump tank. The water from the aquarium feed the grow bed by gravity, when the grow bed is full a bell syphon returns the water to the sump tank and a pump in the sump tank return the water to the aquarium.

I install a metal grid fence on the ceiling of the 8 x 8, this way I can hook anything anywhere and it is perfect for cables management. Also have one for the cucumber to climb.

I also have a 2’ x 4’ tent where I will grow mushroom and hopefully extract CO2 from it for to the 8 x 8 again stole this ideal from the 10 x 10 grow series, I was hoping they would do it, I guess I will try to figure it out myself, if someone have an ideal on how to extract the CO2 from the 2 x 4 and sent it to the 8 x 8 pls let me know. I was thinking to have a fan running at low speed creating a positive pressure to the small tent and having a ducting pipe at the bottom and feeding the 8 x 8 at the top.