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Hey guys, Hope all is growing well. I have a question on placement of an intake fan on my closet grow. I was listening to cheap home grow podcast on Sunday and they have a live feed on youtube. anyway they were talking about ventilation and I asked a question on whether or not its necessary to keep the carbon filter on the exhaust duct fan while in veg? I notice without the filter it is a little bit louder but the flow is much better. I use a 4in vivosun 203cfm duct fan to pull the air out the grow area and vent it into my attic. when they all go into flower i will add the carbon filter to help prevent smell going outside. I got my answer and was chatting with some of the members in the chat and It came up that I use a 4in fan on the outside of my closet with a carbon filter.

This is where my question begins…. I was told that with the exhaust fan inside the closet I do not need a fan on the outside pulling fresh air in, since the exhaust pulls air in passively?.. I understand the concept, but Is it necessary to have a fan to pull fresh air from my room into the closet? (I had 2 grow tents at 1 time and now have my own house and a spare closet so i have extra fans and filters to use..) I have a few images below showing a fan on the outside of the closet with a filter on it, that filter is about 3ft away from my A/C vent so I use that to bring cooler air inside the grow. I then have another 4in 203cfm Fan pulling air in from the same duct and forcing it over the top of the canopy. above my lights is a 203cfm 4in duct fan pulling the hot air out and up into the attic. there is also 2 fans oscillating all the time on low/med speed to keep the leaves moving and strengthen the stems. the average temps are 70-79 degrees and RH 50-64%. I added the fan on the outside to help bring in cooler air because I assume my exhaust fan may not be strong enough to pull the heat out, it will get around 84 degrees and RH into 65% if i turn the speed down on the intake fan to low. Please any suggestions will help.. I’m willing to remove or move things around based on what you guys think. I’ve had this setup for 3 weeks now and still working on making it ideal. I know Dude mentioned to me about getting a Pulse monitoring system, but is the area sealed off enough to get accurate readings?
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