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Thank you for the time your taking to help me. i’m currently in a place where prohibition is starting to relax i want to have a strain or two i can have ready when the time comes that i can do outdoor grows without a worry. I am new to growing and about to start my first grow and could use some input. My soil is going to be a mix of equal carts peat moss, compost, and perlite. with dolomite lime, gypsum and maybe silica. Not sure if i want to add it to the soil, a foliar spray or combination of both. I’m not sure what i should use for a nutrient solution I’m looking at Dr.earths black gold liquid, or kelp4less 20-20-20. with consideration i do not plan on flushing my first time though because it one thing i don’t have to change my routine i just have to pay atten to make sure i harvest on time. any insight would be helpful thank you for your time.


ps first my first grow is going to be sweet tooth from homegrown cannabis company