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Hey there DGC!! DakotaDank here. I am brand new to this and have started my first grow. Here is what I have.

1 5×5 Gorilla grow tent

3 5×12 grow rooms


2 HLG 600R full spec LED

1 HLG 650R

1 HLG Scorpion Diablo

3 Cali Light Works UVB

3 HLG 200W


pete moss, perlite, worm castings, ocean forest ocean blend.


5 Banana OG auto, crop king seeds

5 Crystal auto

5 Black Cadillac auto

5 Fucking Incredible auto

I am running vivosun 6” carbon filters one per room, vivosun humidifiers, vivosun clip on fans, and other fans to move air.


Rimo; micro, grow, bloom

Calmag, Sylica gold, and millennium sugars and winter frost.
Recharcge for the soil.

Currently in week one of flower and 19-20 of the plants are doing great. A few better then others but all in all pretty dam good for a first grow I think.

I wanted to thank all of the DGC crew for teaching me the ways through your videos. The insight and informational section of your show is very helpful and has made this grow an enjoyable adventure. BTW just started 10 more autos and 5 feminized.

also a shout out to 420 and Lex Blazer. Both amazing resources for beginner and advanced growers alike.