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Hey guys!

I’m fairly new to Cannabis seeing as it wasn’t only until this past year I got into using it pretty regularly to treat a medical condition that came up.  I grew up in a household that was very anti-drug and anti-cannabis so it took me a lot longer to realize that Cannabis is a legitimate medicine that can do amazing things.  I watched my aunt, who had multiple brain tumors. live for three more years after the diagnosis because she began taking edibles every day to deal with the symptoms.  I also watched my dog who had severe arthritis bounce back and act like a puppy again who was 12 years old!

I knew after seeing for myself how well it worked that it would be a good choice to help manage my own medical issues, and it was.  Not only has it helped me manage eating and pain, but it also helped me ween off several prescription medications as well!  So naturally with how expensive it can get in prohibition land I figured I’d try to grow myself.

Now on to my question, I have a 2x2x4 tent set up for a closet grow.  I am able to get the humidity to about 60% and the temperature to about 80 degrees, however my inline fan is a bit overkill and can push these numbers down a bit.  With this in mind I put my inline on a smart plug and have it running for 1 minute every 30 minutes to help pull in fresh air without disrupting the environment too much.  Is this enough fresh air for a closet grow?  Should it be running more or is this set up fine?  I want to make sure everything is right before I begin.

I appreciate all that you guys do and all the information you are so readily sharing.  I am now a proud DGC member and patron!

For reference the inline fan I have is a 6′ Vivosun inline duct booster fan 240 CFM.

There also is an oscillating fan on the inside to mix up the air as well.