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What is up DGC? Been listening for about a year. Learned everything from DGC, Grow Cast, KIS Organics, Shaping Fire, Michigan Bros Grow Show, High on Home Grown, that’s most of it. All ya’ll keep me sane while working in Illinois Corporate Cannaland, I appreciate it.

Med User in Missouri. Just started my first grow.

Genetics: Peach Buzz=Koffee F3 x Peach Pie–Tent: AC Infinity 2×4–Light: Migro 4 Array Pro –Ventilation: 6″ AC Infinity Smart Fan

Popped my first set of seeds. 6 soaked in water for 24hrs straight to Solo Cup w/soil : 4 out of 6 sprouted. 5 soaked in water, to paper towel to Solo Cup w/ Soil. All 5 sprouted. Have made it to day 8-ish, First 6 done, following day next 5 done. I will be transplanting in to Earthboxes loaded with BAS Light Recipe. Earthboxes came with 2 gal of Build a Flower each. Also picked up; Blue oyster straw long, Rootwise Combo, BAS Big 6 Micro Nutrients w/Humic Acid, BAS Amino, Potassium Silicate, BAS Craft Blend, worm castings. Will be picking up some bokashi, forgot to add it to my cart.

I will be running 6 plants as this is my limit. 2 in each of the Earth Boxes. Will be picking up a 5×5 tent, as well as picking up another Array 4 to fill it out. Moving the 6″ fan to this tent when this time comes. On budget, piecemealed together atm.

Had to cover the top and back of the tent with sleeping bags/blankets to balance the environment. In basement, limited climate control around tent. Right now have it at 75* with 60% RH.

Anything I should add or change? Any concerns or things you think I may need to watch out for?

Thank in advance. Keep smokin’ on.