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Hi DGC, after successfully pulling off a nice outdoor garden I figure I would attempt my first grow indoors. I started a room full of runtz clones There are currently in ten gallon pots of coco coir an perlite mix 70/30. I was super busy so neglected them for a while only fed water well they got real deficient of course an now I’m feeding them cal mag an flora nova I have somewhat brought them back And have now flipped to flower. I am Giving them 3 ml per gallon of cal-mag an one table spoon of flora nova nutrients bloom per gallon just like the bottles recommend my question is how much run off should I be seeing come out the bottom of my plants an how  much of a feed should I be doing in flower second week should I follow bottles instructions what’s suggested ppm readings? I’m so lost, outdoor was so easy compared to this. It’s all new to me. I’m currently in day 12 of flower an don’t want to screw this up more then I already did.