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Please Help!

I’m a first time grower. Got a few clones from a friend. I had them in a dome in plugs. Recently planted them in a 60/40 ish mix of organic soil and ProMix. Very lightly packed soil. In 3 gallon cloth pots.

When planted, I used half gallon of water with nutrients – 550 ppm to each plant. Plants are in a 4×9 tent. Two maxisun pro 2000 lights at 50% 28” from canopy. Temp is mid 70s. Humidity 40-60%.

Photos are the plants today. I’ve looked all over the internet and I’m not sure of the cause. Overwatered?  Soil pH issue? Are they deficient? I have one of those cheap soil testers. It indicates the soil pH is 7 maybe 8. But I have never added anything with pH higher than 6.4.