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Hello from former prohibition land.  I feel I’m a mix of Scotty, Guru and Dude and hoping to soak up every ioata of grow knowledge I can.  I’ve tuned in and started going back to some of the longer episodes from early on – whatup Scotty Bamboo.  I’m going to learn everything you’ve put out there as well as a bunch of other podcasters and non podcasters like coot or nugbuckets.  Will you give a shout out to Nebula Haze for me. She helped me get started with her page, grow weed easy.

First time cannabis grower but I’m a grower. I can grow anything instinctively I have a vegetable garden as well as an experienced vegetable & pepper grower in my 12×32 greenhouse. I was a consumer years ago and stopped for over 20 years; recently getting back into wake and baking .  If I can convince my wife, I’ll squeeze a couple of Auto’s in between the Brussels, Reapers and the Tomatoes next season in the greenhouse (grow season ends mid sep here)  I’ve been learning and keep a detailed grow journal – my wife called me a weed nerd so here I am as a Canadian Weed Nerd.

I’m Growing 3 Gelato and 1 Blue Cookies in pre calimaged and ph 6.0 coco perlite mix with GH flora trio, Cali mag and their 0-10-10 bloom booster.  G1 & G2 were flipped to flower 83 days ago.  G3 and BC1 were flipped 48 days ago.  Keeping ph at 5.9-6 depending on previous waterings runoff ph (comes out at 6.3-6.4).  Water through every time.

Lights are 1-el cheapo, Chinese full spectrum Led which is supposed to be putting out 900 umols/ms at 12” drawing 200 watts. 1 – cheaper wish mostly red Led, unknown wattage and 3 -2 lamp T8’s at 3100k (192 watts) which I had on hand to try to get outside buds some light.

My room is half a cool basement bedroom poly’d off at 6’x10’x8’ high with 4” duct fan exhausting to the outside and fan assisted air intake from the bedroom closet which doubles as the dry Space (I had passive air from outside and changed it due to upcoming -30C).

The flower room is dialed in at 40-50% and 21-25C (70-75) night/day. Stays right about 1.4-1.5 vpd with leaf temp less than half degree lower than ambient. Every leaf is gently moving. I shaved the bottom 1/3 and keeping the small Larfy buds trimmed and I’ve defoliated anything blocking bud sites, leaf on leaf and to open up the canopy to let light to penetrate.

I just ordered the cheapest 600w hps light available with wing deflector (I’ll use this heat instead of the elec heater I have in there for daytime heat 🤓).

Last weekend I harvested my manifolded G1 at 76 days. Trichomes aplenty with a few trikes on trikes and about 10-15% turned amber.  G1 should yield about 2 oz of dense frosty little nugs. G2 will be coming down in a couple of days.

I feel that you have enough info on my grow, now the questions.

Q1 – I want to add the 600 w how to help finish flower G3 and BC1.  G3 was vegged for 13 weeks and is enormous.  I feel as if she has another 3-4 weeks to harvest.  Should I add the HPS now and if so how would you recommend introducing it.

Q2 – I have a few, not many fungus gnats that have been caught by the sticky traps (my whole IPM) to this point.  I haven’t seen even 1 other than what’s on the traps.  Worry about it or not? Recommendations?

Q3 – a few of my upper leaves have some discoloring going on.  Looks like mosaic virus to me but what do I know. Pic attached

There’s a pic of what my manifolded/mainlined structure looked like.  And a pic of clones from 4 weeks ago (2 are about to get flowering).

Thank you in advance for any assistance you or anyone in the DGC can offer.  I’ll be tuned in and checking my email.  The light question is time sensitive

Canadian Weed Nerd